Saturday, November 20, 2010


1. The dishwasher was invented in 1889.
The dishwasher was invented by an Indiana housewife.
The first dishwasher was driven by a steam engine.
2. I took small sips from a can of Coke.
I was sitting on the ground in a shady corner.
I was sitting with my back against the wall.
3. I was sitting on the window ledge.
The ledge overlooked the narrow street.
I watched the children.
The children were frolicking in the first snow of the season.
4. The first edition of Infant Care was published by the U.S. Government.
The first edition of Infant Care was published in 1914.
The first edition of Infant Care recommended the use of peat moss for disposable diapers.
5. The house sat stately upon a hill.
The house was gray.
The house was weather-worn.
The house was surrounded by barren tobacco fields.
6. I washed the windows in a fever of fear.
I whipped the squeegee swiftly up and down the glass.
I feared that some member of the gang might see me.
7. Goldsmith smiled.
He bunched his cheeks like twin rolls of toilet paper.
His cheeks were fat.
The toilet paper was smooth.
The toilet paper was pink.
8. The roaches scurried in and out of the breadbox.
The roaches sang chanteys.
The roaches sang as they worked.
The roaches paused only to thumb their noses.
They thumbed their noses jeeringly.
They thumbed their noses in my direction.
9. The medieval peasant was distracted by war.
The medieval peasant was weakened by malnutrition.
The medieval peasant was exhausted by his struggle to earn a living.
The medieval peasant was an easy prey for the dreadful Black Death.
10. He eats slowly.
He eats steadily.
He sucks the sardine oil from his fingers.
The sardine oil is rich.
He sucks the oil with slow and complete relish.
1. The janitor staggered down the stairway.
He was stunned.
He was gasping
2. She was driving without a license.
She was arrested and jailed by the sheriff.
3. I carried the cumbersome bass drum in front of me. I burrowed and jostled my way through the stubborn crowd to the bandstand.
4. 1. The new storm swept from North Dakota through Ohio.
2. It sent temperatures plummeting.
3. It piled drifts high across the road.
A. 1. Prosecutor, judge, and jury were convinced of the defendant's guilt.
2. They twisted the facts to support their prejudgment.
B. 1. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
2. She now serves as the corporation's chief legal officer.
3. She was educated at Duke University.
C. 1. Mandy was mud covered.
2. Mandy was shivering.
3. Mandy sat hunched over a bowl of hot broth.
4. Her father had prepared the broth to drive off the chill.
D. 1. Police officers and fire fighters combed the smoking rubble.
2. They found guns.
3. They found spent cartridges.
4. They found a charred corpse.
E. 1. Joey was depressed.
2. He was depressed by his betting losses.
3. He sat alone on the beach.
4. He drank a pint of good bourbon.
F. 1. An IQ score is stamped on a permanent school record.
2. An IQ score can literally determine a child's future.
3. An IQ score influences teacher expectations.
4. An IQ score affects many educational and job options.
G. 1. The locomotive lumbered into Grand Central Station.
2. It skidded along the tracks.
3. It splashed sparks onto the passenger platform.
4. It discharged gray puffs of steam.
5. It finally screeched to a halt.
1. A. Our waitress was costumed in a kimono. B. She had painted her face white. C. She had arranged her hair in an upswept lacquered beehive.
2. A. He walked up to the pitcher's mound. B. He dug his toe into the ground. C. He swung his arm around backward and forward. D. Then he threw the ball and struck him out.
3. A. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is a 184-mile waterway constructed in the 1800's. B. It was a major source of transportation for goods during the Civil War era. [Hint: you may want to use a relative clause here]
4. A. The first football card set was released by the Goudey Gum Company in 1933. B. The set featured only three football players. C. They were Red Grange, Bronko Nagurski, and Knute Rockne.
5.A. Sacramentans put up with people stealing potted plants off their porches in the past. B. Sacramentans are now struck by thieves. C. The strike is brazen. D. The thieves target Japanese maples. E. The maples cost hundreds of dollars.
6. A. Critics claimed Tuesday's disaster could have been averted. B. The disaster involved a local commuter train and a high-speed express. C. Critics noted that the long-delayed inquiry into the Southall accident got under way just two weeks ago. D. Critics wondered if a quicker review might have yielded measures to prevent the latest wreck.
1. The stalks of corn sway in the wind. They tower above the tractors.
2. The tollbooth would not accept the counterfeit coins. It buzzed loudly.
3. The soft music flows out of the restaurant. It invites passers-by to enter.
4. The boat sprayed water onto the faces of the crew. It raced along the top of the waves.
5. The telephone poles had been snapped by the hurricane. They hung dangerously over the
6. Dolores placed her shot carefully. She hit the ball to her opponent's backhand.
We picked up the injured bird. We could see it had a broken wing.
The President shook hands with people in the crowd. He could barely make his way to the podium.

Shigenoi Haruki

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