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Complete the sentences with gerund or to infinitive using the verbs in the brackets.
1. Their parents are looking forward to (go) there.
2. Don't forget (unplug) the coffee pot, (turn off) all the lights, and (lock) the door before you leave for work this morning.
3. Sometimes when I'm listening to someone who is speaking English very fast, I nod my head and pretend (understand).
4. After Isabel got a speeding ticket and had to pay a big fine, she decided (stop) (drive) over the speed limit on interstate highways.
5. Khalid tries (learn) at least 25 new words everyday.
6. I considered (drive) to Minneapolis. Finally I decided (fly).
7. Our teacher agreed (postpone) the test until Friday.
8. I've been trying (reach) Carol on the phone for the last three days, but she's never at home. I intend (keep) (try) until I finally get her.
9. It was cold and rainy yesterday, so we postponed (visit) the botanical garden.
10. The Porter's house is too small. They're considering buying a bigger house.
11. We discussed about (go) to Colorado for our vacation.
12. When Martha finished (sweep) the floor, she dusted the furniture.
13. We had a blizzard yesterday, but it finally stopped (blow) around ten P.M.
14. I quit (read) comic books when I was twelve years old.
15. I'm thinking about (take) a biology course next semester.
16. Beth doesn't like her job. She's talking about (look) for a different job.
17. I enjoy (do) sports.
18. I'm considering (move) to New York city.
19. A: Are you listening to me?
B: Yes. Keep (talk). I'm listening.
20. A: Would you mind (open) the window?
B: Not at all. I'd be glad to.
21. I'm planning (drive) to Chicago next drive.
22. I've decided (buy) a new apartment.
23. Jack promised not (be) late for the wedding.
24. I forgot (buy) some milk when I went to the grocery store.
25. I would like (see) the Grand Canyon.
26. My husband and I would love (be) in Arizona.
27. I need (do) my homework tonight.
28. What time do you expect (leave) for Chicago?
29. I want (watch) a football game on TV after dinner tonight.
30. You seem (be) in good mood today.
31. Susie appreared (be) asleep, but she wasn't. She was only pretending.
32. Susie pretended (fall) asleep. She pretended not (pay) attention to me when I spoke to her.
33. The Miller can't afford (rent) a house.
34. My friend offered (lend) me a little money.
35. Tommy doesn't like peas. He refuses (eat) them.
36. My wife and I wanted to do different things this weekend. Finally, I agreed (watch) a movie with her on Saturday, and she agreed (watch) the football game with me on Sunday.
37. I hope (manage) all of my courses this term. So far my grades have been pretty good.
38. I try (attend) class on time every day.
39. I can't wait (meet) my family again! It's been a long time!
40. I'm sorry. I didn't mean (bother) you.

Combine these sentences using present participle.
1. Helen was walking to church downtown. She saw a car accident. She ran to the nearest pay phone to call for help.
2. Martin was sick. He was unable to attend the party. The party was for his sister. It was her birthday.
3. I waited for the bus. I read a magazine while I waited. I also read a newspaper.
4. Sinclair is one of the largest community colleges in the United States. It is considered one of the best in the United States. It has many innovative programs.
5. Mohammad has been in America for two years. He speaks English. He speaks English well. He is originally from Jordan.
6. My wife is a math teacher. She has been a math teacher for twenty years. Sometimes she wishes she was a lawyer. She likes to argue.
7. My friend is in the hospital. He was painting his house. He fell off a ladder.
8. The student was removed from the room. He was yelling at the teacher. He was yelling at the students. The student was removed by two security guards.
9. The president of the college resigned. She moved to Canada. She hoped to write and relax for a while.
10. We met a boy. He was carrying a heavy bag.
11. The house was decorated with lights. It looked beautiful.
12. The robbers saw the policeman. They ran away.
13. I found the door open. I went inside.
14. The police saw the body. It was floating down the river.
15. He cried at the top of his voice. He rushed at the thief.
16. We had worked for several hours. We came out of the office.
17. The troops gave a blow to the enemy. It was stunning.
18. His handwriting was illegible. I couldn't figure out what he had written.
19. We make some friendships in childhood. They last for ever.
20. The sun had risen. We set out on our journey.
21. I walked along the road. I saw a snake.
22. He lost all his money in gambling. He became a pauper.
23. I took a cue from his words. I solved the riddle.
24. The burglars broke the door open. They entered the house.
25. He didn't realize the implication of his words. He went on speaking.
26. The enemy forces had been defeated by our army. They retreated fast into their own territory.
It was a fine day. Everybody was out on the roads.
27. Jeff circulated among his guests. He chatted a moment with each one.
28. The guides are high school students. They are dressed in Loyalist costumes.
29. I attempted to start a conversation. I made a remark about the weather.
30. Laura wore a parka. It was borrowed from a friend.
31. We stood in the doorway. We waited for the rain to stop.
32. The entire stock was damaged by smoke and water, and it was reduced in price.
33. A violin weighs about 0.5 kg, and it consists of about seventy pieces.
34. The company anticipated a strike and it bought large amounts of steel.
35. The barracuda will attack a person, and it is called the tiger of the sea.

Complete the sentences with gerund/PP/to infinitive/infinitive without to using the verbs in the brackets.
1. Your friend's idea is worth (go) into more carefully.
2. I didn't notice (you, watch) (we, have) a sun.
3. After (hear) the conditions I decided (not enter) for the competition.
4. Some people seem (have) a passion for (write) to the newspaper.
5. He expects me (answer) by return but I have no intention of (reply) at all.
6. I tried (pacify) him but he refused (be pacified) and went on (grumble)
7. By (offer) enourmous wages he is persuading men (leave) their present jobs and (work) for him.
8. He postponed (make) a decision till it was to late (do) anything.
9. Imagine (have) (get up) at 5 am everyday!
10. Try (forget) it. It isn't (worth) worry about.
11. There is no point in (remain) in a dangerous place if you can't do anything (help) the people who have (stay) there.
12. The horse won't be well enough (run) in tomorrow. I see it (lie) in the stable and seems (be sick).
13. Please go on (write). I don't mind (wait)
14. He wore dark glasses (avoid) (be) recognized.
15. Before (give) evidence you must swear (speak) the truth.
16. I tried (persuade) him (agree) with your proposal.
17. Your windows need (clean). Would you like me (do) them for you?
18. Would you mind (shut) the window? I hate (sit) in a draught.
19. I can't help (sneeze). I caught a cold yesterday from (sit) in a draught.
20. Do stop (talk). I am trying (finish) a letter.
21. His doctor advised him (give up) (smoke)
22. A: My watch keeps (stop)
B: That's because yoou keep (forget) (wind) it.
23. Without (realize) it, he hindered us instead of (help) us.
24. People used (make) fire by (rub) twu sticks together.
25. He hates (answer) the phone, an very often just lets it (ring)
26. If you go on (let) your dog (chase) cars, he'll end by ( be) run over.
27. I prefer (drive) to (be driven)
28. I advise you (start) (look) for a flat at once.
29. Would you mind (lend) me ten pence? I want (make) a phone call.
30. (Lie) on this beach is much more pleasant than (sit) in the office.
31. She likes her children (go) to a dentist every six months.
32. By (neglect) (take) ordinary precautions he endangered the life of his crew.
33. An instructor is coming (show) us how (use) the aqualung.
34. I have no intention of (go) to that film. I couldn't bear (see) my favourite actress in such a dreadful part.
35. I suggest (telephone) the hospitals before (ask) the police (look) for him.

1. She didn't watch the film last night,
2. It's great to see each other again,
3. He comes every Friday,
4. You're married,
5. You went to Tom's last weekend,
6. He hasn't lived here long,
7. You weren't invited to the party,
8. He'll go to the university,
9. They hadn't visited you before,
10. I'm here,
11. You and I are busy right now,
12. It's windy today,
13. Marlene smokes,
14. Sharks don't like chicken,
15. Moles can't see,
16. You'll be there,
17. David won't come,
18. Bob's got two cats,
19. Let's go out,
20. Shut up,
21. We've already seen that movie,
22. Ani wouldn't say no,
23. Let's have a drink,
24. You couldn't help me,
25. There is a museum in this city,
26. Good idea,
27. Don't do it,
28. No one can help you,
29. There are only few people here,
30. You ought to have called him,
31. I think she is a good person,
32. After all this time you'd think he'd have forgotten,
33. You may think you know the answer but you don't,
34. After working so hard he didn't deserve to fail the exam,
35. The trip's very expensive,
36. Mr. Pritchard's been to Scotland recently,
37. Don't smoke,
38. I think he's from India,
39. Lovely day today,
40. There are some apples left,

Combine these sentences
1. The bus is always crowded. I take it to school every morning.
2. The woman predicted my future. She read my palm.
3. I have some valuable antiques. I found them in my grandmother's attic.
4. The notes helped me a lot. I borrowed them from you.
5. The bananas were too ripe. My husband bought them.
6. I couldn't understand the woman. I talked to her on the phone.
7. The office is on Main Street. Amy works in it.
8. The blouse is made of silk. Mary is wearing it.
9. The cream was spoiled. I put it in my coffee.
10. Here is the brochure. You asked me about it.
11. The university is in New York. I want t go to it.
12. I'm going to call about the want ad. I saw it in last night's paper.
13. The couple bought new locks. Their apartment was burglarized.
14. The woman shouted "Stop, thief!' Her purse was stolen.
15. We visited the Farmers' Market. It is a place of great activity.
16. Eileen got credit for the victory. She was the relief pitcher.
17. Ms. Fritz will talk about careers in banking. She is the manager of a local bank.
18. A driver should look ahead a least 100 m. This is the length of a football field.
19. One of our most serious problems will be discussed. It is the inter national food shortage.
20. The debate was judged by Mrs. Leeds. She is a retired judge.
21. Soybeans were a failure that year. They were our principal crop.
22. The word "meander" comes from the Maiandros River. It is a zigzag river in Asia.
23. A French king invented high heels to make himself look taller. The king was Louis XIV.
24. Juan de Fuca and Lorenzo Maldonaldo both claimed to have discovered the North-West Passage. They were sixteenth century explorers.

Fill in the blanks
1. People ¬¬___________ live in New York City are called New Yorker.
2. Tina likes the present ___________ I gave her for her birthday.
3. George Washington is the president ___________ picture is on a one-dollar bill.
4. I like the people with ___________ I work.
5. Have you seen the movie ___________ is playing at the Fox Theater.
6. A stenographer is a person ___________ can write shorthand.
7. Do you know the woman ___________ Michael is engaged to?
8. I have a friend ___________ father is a famous artist.
9. The camera ___________ I bought has a zoom lens.
10. Students ___________ have part time jobs have to budget their time very carefully.
11. The person to ___________ you should send your application is the Director of Admissions.
12. That's Tom Jenkins. He's the boy ___________ parents live in Switzerland.
13. A thermometer is an instrument ___________ measures the temperature.
14. A high-strong person is someone ___________ is always nervous.
15. The man ___________ I told you about is standing over there.
16. Monkeys will eat eggs, grass, fruit, birds, snakes, insects, nuts, flowers, leaves, and frogs. Monkeys will eat almost everything ___________ they can find.
17. The book ___________ I bought at thee bookstore was very expensive.
18. The woman ___________ I met yesterday was nice.
19. The people ___________ live next to me are friendly.
20. I met a woman ___________ husband is a famous lawyer.
21. Do you know the people ___________ live in that house?
22. The professor ___________ teaches Chemistry is very good.
23. I wrote a thank-you note to the people ___________ house I visited on Thankgiving Day.
24. The people ___________ I met at the party last night was interesting.
25. I enjoyed the music which we listened to.
26. The man ___________ bicycle was stolen was very angry.

Shigenoi Haruki

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