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harvest moon

Seaside House Get 42 Connectivity Stars from the Goddess
Mountain cabin. Stay married for 50 years.

Get the cursed toolsBefore being able to find any of the cursed tools you need to have all six of your normal tools upgraded to mystrile.

Once all tools are at mystrile level you can then go into the LAKE mine and find the cursed tools. Each one is on a specific floor.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cursed Fishing Rod Dig around on floor 29.
Cursed Hoe Dig around on floor 39.
Cursed Axe Dig around on floor 49.
Cursed Hammer Dig around on floor 59.
Cursed Watering Can Dig around on floor 69.
Cursed Sickle Dig around on floor 79.

Get The Blessed ToolsAll that you need to do to get a blessed tool is to have the correct cursed tool and and follow the directions in the 'How to Unlock' box below.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Cursed Fishing Rod Use it 255 times
Cursed Hoe Have Carter bless it 10 times
Cursed Axe Use it 255 times
Cursed Hammer Have it equipped for 10 days straight
Cursed Watering Can Have Carter bless it 10 times
Cursed Sickle Have it equipped for 10 days straight

Carter's ConfessionalOn Mondays, Wednesdays, and Rainy Days between 1 and 4 PM, Carter will be in the upper-left room and is able to remove cursed tools and accept confessionals. You are given one chance to confess to something. If he forgives you, then you will be encouraged to move on and something will happen. If you are not forgiven, you are merely scolded and nothing else happens. The confessions not mentioned have little or no effect.

Unlockable How to Unlock
ALL Harvest Sprites will increase in affection towards you. Confess "I overwork the Harvest Sprites"
ALL villagers will increase in affection toward you. Confess "The townspeople don't like me"
Increase ALL animals' affection toward you. Confess "I did not care for my animals"
Increase ALL animals' affection toward you. Confess "I was cruel to my animals"
You may marry the Harvest Goddess after meeting certain criteria. Confess "I want to marry the Harvest Goddess"

Unlockable ItemsTo unlock the below items, you'll need to perform these tasks:

Unlockable How to Unlock
Teleport Stone Be in at least year 3 on your farm and dig for it on the 255th floor of the Sping Mine.
Jewel Of Truth's Buy the Shelf from the Saturday Shopping Network.
Mythic Stones Found in floor 60 and below after blessing all the cursed tools.
Record Player Buy it from Van (aka Lou) after linking with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life with the necessary tasks completed on that game.
Record CDs Buy from Van (aka Lou) after linking with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Extra types of seedThere are extra kinds of seeds which you can unlock by shipping other produce. Simply ship a total of 100 of each of certain produce to unlock them.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Spinach Seeds (Fall) Ship 100 Sweet Potatoes, 100 Eggplants and 100 Carrots
Pumpkin Seeds (Summer) Ship 100 Tomatoes, 100 Corn and 100 Onions
Strawberry seeds (spring) Ship 100 Turnips, 100 Potatoes and 100 Cucumbers
Harvest Moon Easter EggsMeet KappaMake sure you have at least 10 cucumbers in your fridge or somewhere you can keep them. Each day for ten days, throw one cucumber in the lake near the mountain. Once you have done that for ten days, he gives you a special Blue Berry.
Harvest Moon SecretsSecret Fishing treasuresIn the summer, use your level 6(cursed) fishing rod at mineral beach and you can catch a pirate treasure(rare)and sell it for 10,000 Gold.

In the fall, use your level 6(cursed) fishing rod at mineral beach and you can catch an Ancient fossil(rare) and sell it for 5,000 gold.

Double all profits made in one day.Starting with Year 5, then every 5 years after that (eg: Y5, Y10, Y15, etc.) visit the Peak of Mother's Hill on Fall 10 between 6PM and midnight to activate a serect event called the Shooting Star Event. Make the wish to double profits (option 3). The day will end. You then have until 5PM to ship as many things as you can. When Zack comes, he'll double your profits for Fall 11.
NOTE: Fall 10 MUST be sunny, or the event won't activate.

Carter's Secret Mushroom PlantationThere is a place where you can get truffles for free behind the church, through the locked door on the right. All you got to do to access it is to be friends with Carter, give him mushrooms once a day for a season or so. During fall, go to the church, if you are good enough friends, carter wont be there and then you would go to the door and find its unlocked, after a short scene, you can pick Truffles and Mushrooms anytime you like! Truffles are worth a lot, take advantage of this plantation

Weeds as a gift to Popuri.Instead of giving Popuri gifts that cause money, give her weeds. She excepts them, and it will raise her heart total for you.
Harvest Moon GlitchesWalk on crops, rocks, and woodThis glitch allows you to walk on top of crops, rocks, and wood, and you normally can not. To do this, you need to have your grown horse and either a sheep or a cow.

Place your cow or sheep next to a crop, small rock, or piece of wood. The object has to be positioned in such a way that you can normally jump over it by running.

Next, get on your horse, and go to the side of the crop/rock/wood that is opposite of the sheep or cow.

Lastly, run towards the cow or sheep, and your horse will attempt to jump over the object. But, the horse will stop, and stay on top of the object. You can now walk on top of any crops, rocks, or wood that are next to that piece.

When you get off of your horse while on top of an object, you will 'slide' in the opposite direction you were facing until you are in an area normally accessable. If you want to walk on top of the objects again, you have to start over.

50G Curry PowderWhen you're going to buy a Curry Powder in the store, it says it's 100G, but it's actually 50G only!

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