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The importance of observation
By Marcella Simmons

A writer needs to be observant of different types of people, places and things like it were a sixth sense. While everyone else is talking and chatting at the party, you need to be observing the … elderly lady who keeps touching the younger man sitting at the side of the room just within eyesight. The man keeps pushing her hand away but she slowly slides it up and down between his thighs – did he find it embarrassing? Why didn't he get up and walk away? Why is she touching him – she must be twice his age? He looks around to see if anyone is watching, especially his wife who is across the room talking to another woman. He stands up, excuses himself and walked away. The lady with the roaming hands, upset that he was cool with her, scoffs hastily off to the bar. [To read the full interview, click here]

About the author
Marcella Simmons has been writing professionally since 1988 – she has over 650 published credits in over 350 small press publications nationwide. In 2005, Simmons had her first book of poetry published, and is working on several book projects at this time. She continues to write a regular weekly column for a local newspaper in her hometown, as well as many other writing projects. "Writing is a way of life for me," she says. Simmons is the mother of eight children (all are grown now) and she has seven grandchildren with another on the way. "My family is also a way of life for me, and my inspiration."

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Subscribe to and you could win £10,000!
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